How can I edit images in my post drafts?

This article goes through the steps on how to edit images with our Image Editor feature in the Compose Box to meet image requirements from different social sites.

1. If the image doesn't meet the size requirements for the social site, you will receive an error message displaying that your image is the wrong size for this channel, you can enter the Image editor by clicking the Edit Image button within the error message.

2. You can also select the Image Editor mode by clicking the Pencil icon on the right side of your image attachment.

3.  In the Image Editor mode, first, you will have the option to transform (crop, rotate, mirror etc.) your image.

4. There are pre-set templates provided for each social site, you can crop your image. Using these templates will automatically rescale your image to the correct pixel size and ratio.

5. Once you're happy with the size format, click the Tick button to proceed to further editing functions.