How do I compose a post draft on mobile app? (For Android)

1. Click the App icon to launch the mobile app, login and you will land on this screen.

2. The Compose message option will be available in the top right hand side of the Dashboard for easy access.

Once you’ve selected the Compose button, the create message screen will appear.

3. Click the "+" to select ALL of your connected Social Media Services.

4. Click to Add Media - Capture an image or attach video to your post draft.

5. Type your content message in the text box and click to send for approval.

6. You will see your Coposts Social Expert or Copywriter automatically selected. Click Next.

7. Before sending your post draft for approval you will have an option to write a brief message for the copywriters if needed.

Click "DONE" and your post draft will be sent to Coposts!