How do I compose a post draft on desktop?

1. The Compose message option will be available in the top right hand side of the Dashboard, no matter which page you’re on, for easy access.

Once you’ve selected the Compose button, the New Message popup will appear in the middle of the screen.

*Draft posts can include images, videos, gif's and text. Just like using your own social media apps for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts, you can create post drafts in minutes with Coposts desktop compose tool.

To compose and submit a post draft:

2. Click "Select A Service" and select ALL of your connected social media services.

You can select ALL social channels from the drop down list or from the grid display view.

3. Type your content message in the text box with tab labeled "Original".

4. Click to Add Media.

5. Drag, drop or browse media files in a variety of locations.

6. Once your image is loaded you can edit it.

7. Image opens in the image editor. You can adjust the image for the correct size and dimensions for each social media channel.

8. Once your post draft is ready, click on the Preview Icon to view how your post will look in each individual social channel.

9. Now your post drafts is ready to submit to Coposts for review, select the Send for Approval button.

10. You post draft is now sent and will be enhanced by Coposts experts and scheduled for posting.